I5 3570k and 3570

what is different betwen i5 3570k and i5 3570? Just k ^^?
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  1. According to Newegg comparison the main difference is that the 3570 has the Intel HD 2500 graphics and the 3570K has the Intel HD 4000 which of course will be better.

  2. so only that? i will buy graphic card so i will not use that hd 2500
  3. The i5-3570 has a locked multiplier, the i5-3570k has an unlocked one, it's useful if you want to overclock the cpu.
    Also yes, the i5-3570 has a different on die gpu, the intel hd 2500, the other one the intel hd 4000.
  4. eeerrr no. the main difference is that the 3570k can be overclocked and the 3570 cannot. People usually don't care about the graphics card.
  5. the k has an unlocked multiplier and the non-k has vt-d

    as mentioned already they have different gpus as well.

    even with a dedicated video card you might consider having the better igpu. quicksync on the hd4000 is considerably faster than on the hd2500 and quicksync is pretty badass at transcoding.
  6. so if i dont wanna overclock cpu i can use 3570 without k and i will have same performace like with 3570 with k?
  7. with a discrete videocard and not including quicksync, virtualization or overclocking, yes, both cpus will perform identically
  8. i was thinking about i5 3570 + sapphire hd 7870 oc or amd fx 6300 + msi hd 7950 oc twin frozr and i cant decide..my friend tell's me that amd suck other tell that amd is good i dont know what to think anymore :S
  9. the second system is more balanced, the first system is a bit processor heavy and lighter in the gpu department. you would see more fps with the 2nd system i would imagine but the first system would still leave you room to upgrade the gpu down the line for even more fps when you need it.

    just my 2 cents.
  10. so u think that amd fx 6300 is good procesor?
  11. it's ok, doesnt compete with intel though. you get what you pay for really
  12. so u think that second system fx 6300 + msi 7950 oc is better?
  13. I'd get the i5-3470 and the 7950 or 7870 XT.
    There's no performance difference between the two i5, usually the i5-3470 is cheaper.
    If you can't afford a 7950, get the 7870 XT, which is basically a 7950.
  14. 3470 why not 3570 without k?
  15. Because both will have the same performance, and the i5-3470 is cheaper.
  16. i dont think it is better, i think it is more balanced.

    personally i side with getting a k processor for a few dollars more and squeezing every bit of performance out of it i can. then i upgrade the gpu every 2-3 years.

    thats just me though.
  17. so 3570 is weaker than 3570k?
  18. at stock speeds a 3570 is identical to a 3570k in terms of raw cpu processing power.

    they are the same.

    the k processor can be overclocked for considerably better performance though.
  19. Both i5 are good ones, the i5-3570k is only worth it, if you want to overclock the cpu.
    Any of those will not bottleneck the cards, by the contrary, i'd get a better gpu for the i5.
    Like the 7870 xt or 7950, like i said.
  20. what xt means?
  21. It's a 7870 Tahiti LE, it has more shaders and transistors than the normal 7870.
  22. I think that i will buy fx 6300 + msi hd 7950 becouse if i buy i5 that cost too much.
  23. What's the budget for cpu+mobo+card ?
  24. in my country is expensive so about my budget is 802,37 dollars (about 4500 croatian kuna)
  25. Well, get what you can afford, if you can afford an i5+ 7870XT or 7950, i'd get that.
    If not get the FX-6300 + 7950.
  26. well i cant find 7870 xt here in any store xd
  27. The ones i know is the :

    Club 3D HD 7870 jokerCard Tahiti LE 2 GB
    Sapphire HD 7870 XT
    PowerColor 7870 MYST. Edition

    Basically it has to say either XT or tahiti le
  28. i find sapphire 7870 xt in my country it isn't so expensive so i will take i5 3570 + hd 7870 xt or 7870 oc
  29. good choice. congratulations, im sure you will be happy with that system.

    feel free to choose a best answer. =]
  30. Nope, the SAPPHIRE HD 7870 2GB GDDR5 XT WITH BOOST is better, this one is the tahiti le, the oc is the normal 7870, if you see the shader counts, the XT has 1536 stream processors, the oc one has 1280.
  31. yes and that xt is little cheaper than oc so i will take xt and xt have 4130 milion transistors
  32. If the xt is cheaper, another reason to get it, yes it has more transistors.
    It will be a good buy.
  33. Hehe okay ty
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