AMD Phenom II X4 965 overheat

Just bought an AMD Phenom II X4 965 cpu and mounted it on Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 but the cpu overheats at 50-55°C idle (cpu cooler is stock).
So far i tried: re-mounting cooler(new thermal paste), setting cpu voltage to stock values or lower, getting bios settings to default, bios update.....none of these got any major improvement so i was thinking to buy a good cpu cooler but im not sure if that will drop my temperature by 15-20°C. I also have no rear fan so planning to buy one 120mm too. :p Waiting for fast replies :whistle:
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  1. The first thing is definitely a case fan. If you don't have the air leaving the case, eventually you're just blowing the same hot air back over the processor. At 125w, the Phenom 965 isn't a processor that was ever meant for minimal cooling situations. There are also many, many better solutions than the stock cooler. Almost any respectable cooler will lower temps -10c from stock, assuming of course there is some airflow through the case. The Xigmatek Gaia is a good 120mm cooler I use, and the Xigmatek Loki is a good 92mm cooler for tighter fit cases. If you want to use the stock clips for the cooler instead of installing it with screws and a new backplate, the Deepcool/Logisys Gammaxx 300 (MC3002GX) is a solid choice as well.
  2. The stock coolers for the 965 are pretty shitty from what i remember, but you still shouldn't be getting temps that high at idle. Maybe 40 C would be normal in idle.

    So try adding more case fans. Balance them so theres about an equal amount of intake as exhaust, but too much intake is better than too much exhaust if you have an odd amount of fans.

    the cooler master hyper 212+ was the rave back then. Try using that.
  3. Ok ill get the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO and some case fans, are the Arctic cooling F8-12 pro series any good? Thanks.
  4. I had the exact same problem with my 965 about a year ago. Even with an OCZ Vanquisher I couldn't keep temps under control, but I bought an Antec kuhler box heat sink, now I'm idling in the low 30s, and topping out at mid 40s. Couldn't be happier.
  5. I had the same problem with stock cooling on my 965

    On idle I had it at around 40C and heavy load would be anywhere from 60-65.

    Wanted to add the Hyper 212 Plus/Evo but my shitty case wouldn't fit it.

    So I Ended up getting the Hyper Tx3. Which still keeps my idle temps on about 32 and heavy load on around 50-55 with overclock.
  6. eh tx3 is a lowend cooler. best bang for bucks is the evo212 tho.
  7. My case is a piece of *** (CiT Vantage Midi Mesh). It wouldn't fit a Hyper 212 sadly.

    The Tx3 is about 2mm off from touching the case fans already.
  8. do urself a favour go buy a new case.

    corsair 200r or a bitfenix prodigy :D
  9. There's nothing wrong with my current sh*t box! I can't complain for £30.

    I don't seem my setup worthy of an upgrade anyway.

    Maybe in my next build I'll use a better case
  10. haha ur shitboxs not bad. just saying for the price. hyper evo pwns that tx2
  11. I know I, know, but what can I do.

    It was either that or stock cooling.
  12. tx3 pwns stock cooling. :P
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