EVGA 670 superclocked display driver stopped responding at stock

Hello all,

short and sweet while playing GW2 at times in heavy areas at stock clocks my 670 will go black and even sometimes BSOD and if it recovers I get the old "Nvidia Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" is this happening to anyone else or should I consider an RMA? I haven't heard much on this yet?
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  1. I would wait it out and see if the problem still exists in the next driver update...recently nvidia has had some crappy driver support....test it in other games and see if you get the issue there too..just to make sure what are your temps in game? you can use GPU-Z to find them.
  2. temps were fine, in the 50's I think i seen it peak at 56
  3. just for whatever reason the GPU usage would spike for no clear reason out of no where and hit 99%+
  4. you would see it spike right before it crashes? or it just spikes every now and then? This is prolly driver related I dont think its an issue though. What driver version do you have?
  5. the most recent version on the website, I can't look right now at work, but I believe it was 301.42 if I remember right.

    and yeah a better example of what happens is this:

    In guild wars 2 there are major cities and 99% of the cities is fine, but lets just say there is alot of light or water affects in an area, and I turn my view towards it, I will see my GPU usage go from like 70% and climb suddenly to 90+ and obviously hit 99% within a matter of a few seconds, at that time my screen will flash black and come back with monitor stops responding if it recovers.

    if it doesn't recover I have gotten a system crash that goes to a bright red screen, or even just a simple system shut down to a black screen that requires a forced power off.

    it's odd.. it has happened both in the normal game world and in cities, alot of times around water and bright lights.
  6. try rolling back to an older version of the driver...I am pretty sure this is a driver issue I have had issues like this in the past and they come and go depending on driver version.....oh and btw nice name lol
  7. Unfortunately I can't try anything until the game officially launches August 28th

    Good news is game is still in Beta so hopefully between drivers and beta by launch it will be fixed.
  8. oh I just realized this is one game that is causing the issue? Are there any other games that cause this too? This could def just be an issue with the game itself seeing that it hasnt even been released yet.
  9. Well actually I called EVGA to see what they thought I should do, when I gave them my serial number they actually informed me my card was part of a defective batch and have actually upgraded my card to a better FTW version in it's place.

    so I am just hoping it's problem solved now.
  10. sweet lol man you got lucky there caught a nice break....lets hope that was the issue we will see once you put the new card in...post back on how it goes.
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