2x 670 or 1 690 ready to buy

Hey guys,

Im adding everything to cart as we speak and having second thoughts on the dual ASUS 670's and thinking about going with a single 690...any thoughts??

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  1. I also prefer to go with one card rather than 2. SLI has some issues (scaling, heat, etc.). the 690 is a gorgeous and powerful card and if I could afford one, I would get it. Just my 2 cents.
  2. HD 7970 all the way ?
  3. Nvidia fanboy since the TnT2 ultra back in the day
  4. lol can always try something new :D ?
  5. I did that before and ended up in Iraq and Afghanistan!! LOL
  6. personally i would normally say single card, but i Think 2 670s is more worth it in this situation if you avoid possible heat issues only because of the fact that if ever necessary, its much easier to sell a 670 than a 690.
  7. Well it depends i would get the 690. Nvidia really went all out to make it the best. x2 GTX 670 in SLI no doubt will start to get loud with reference coolers and an overclock. x2 GTX 680 in SLI is expensive and not likely to be worth it over one of the other two cheaper options.

    Now if you could find a pair of non-reference GTX 670's for SLI, that would be different and my recommendation otherwise just get a 690.
  8. Break it down for me Barney style...what is difference between referenced and non?? been out of the build game for a hot minute

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    Get the 690, cards in sli always mean higher temps, lesser games compatibility and of course 2 PCI slots. The 690 is also slight more powerful than a dual 670 and bit, bit less powerful than a 680 sli, besides the look is awesome and in the future maybe you can sli 2 690s and be ready for at least 4 or more years from now.
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  11. those people at hardforum convinced me that 670 4gb or 680 4gb better for SLI
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