Corsair TX550M vs CX500W vs OCZ-ZS650W


I hope it's ok that this is my third post about psus in two days, but I can't decide between these three power supplies considering the price, so I hope you guys could help me out.

Which one of these three power supplies would you choose, considering the price? Why?

Corsair TX550M - 73.90€ -
Corsair CX500W BULK - 47.60€ -
OCZ ZS650W 68.30€ -

All of these power supplies have enough power for my purposes, expect that OCZ has even greater amount of power, meaning that in the future it would have lots of space for even dual gpus! But that is not a necessity, have to keep that in mind.

Anyway, give me your opinions and if you have a better suggestion, then tell me!

Early thanks for all your replies!
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  1. Or should I instead take XFX Core Edition PRO 550W for 59,90€?
    It's manufactured by Seasonic unlike the other psus.
  2. Indeed, get the xfx 550 pro, it's better than those units, it's made by seasonic.
  3. If all you need is 550w, I would suggest the Seasonic G550 80+ Gold. It's Modular and $90 US.
  4. Already went with XFX 550 it's build by Seasonic too and was only 63€
  5. Good choice, you have a quality psu for a low price.
  6. Enjoy!
  7. Thank u guys! :P
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