AMD no driver found, A6 3420M with AMD Radeon HD 6520G

Hi, My girlfriend recently purchased an HP g7-1368dx laptop with an AMD A6 APU 3420M quad core processor and an AMD Radeon HD 6520G, i have gone and installed every driver i could possibly imagine to install that would be necessary. I have installed the most up-to-date Graphics card, APU, and chipset driver yet Catalyst still tells me no driver is installed, whenever i look through amd help i get sent back here " ". There is also the issue that without catalyst working correctly i cannot enable crossfire which enable the APU to work properly.

On a side not also dealing with graphics the visual driver keeps crashing and the screen goes blank and then successfully recovers.

Currently the computer cannot handle anything more than light usage as when it is put under a moderate to heavy load the driver crashes.

Thank you ahead of time
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  1. Grab the video drivers from HP's website. Most laptops use proprietary drivers, so the ones you get from AMD's website won't work with your laptop. Try installing the drivers from HP and see what happens.
  2. that was the second thing i did but that didnt do a thing, it started doing the whole flashing and not responding thing then i went to the HP site and when that failed i went through AMD.
  3. I guess you'll have to go through HP support. Your laptop actually doesn't have discrete graphics, the 6520G is the the integrated graphics core on the CPU. So the whole dual graphics hybrid Crossfire thing doesn't apply to that laptop. It's possible that the graphics core is defective, causing it not to work properly with its driver. It could also be that something has gotten messed up with Windows. As a last resort you may want to just restore the computer to factory defaults from the recovery partition, and then try installing the driver again. The recovery image should have a driver for the graphics preinstalled, so don't go messing around with those unless you absolutely have to.
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