I need help. I am seriously lost.

My power supply died, then I replaced that and the motherboard.

I can get to the windows startup now, but then it bluescreens and restarts.

The HDD is fine, it works in another computer.

All of the hardware works perfectly while running ubuntu off of a usb.

please help.

mobo: asus M5A78L-m lx plus
ram: 6gb G.SKILL ddr3 1333
psu: diablotek 600w
gpu: powercolor 6850
cpu: phenom ii x4 965
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  1. If you got a new motherboard your hard drive won't recognize the new motherboard and will keep rebooting until it sees your old motherboard. It's how windows determines if you using the same computer or a different one. You'll have to either put the old motherboard back in or reformat your hard drive and reinstall windows so it recognizes the new motherboard.
  2. What crewton said is correct.. youll need to reinstall the OS. plug the HDD into another computer to pull all the data you need off it, then reinstall windows.
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