(FUN) Best computer case?

Note that I already have a computer case. I'm just curious :P

What do you think is the best computer case up to today? And when I'm talking about this, I account for everything (Looks, cooling, space, etc.)

You can give me a link for each category. For example, I would give a link of what I think is the best looking case, I would give a link of the best cooling case, etc.

It doesn't matter how much money it is. It can be the world's most expensive computer case, I'm just curious to see what the community thinks.

I like the Thermaltake Level 10 GT. What I like about it is the shape of it and the lights. But I have seen better cooling cases like the Cooler Master HAF X and I really like the interior of the Corsair Obsidian.

I have seen a lot of cases, but these were the ones that I remember. Unfortunately, I don't remember a lot :P.

What do you guys think? By the way, I have a Raidmax Atlas.
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  1. The fractal define R4 would be my favourite case. 1.5 inches of space in the back for cabling, soild side panels, great gromments, my ideal IO layout, and that nothing feels cheap.

    the other case one would be the nanoxia ds1, but then its not avaliable here. only problem i find in that case is not exactly as much cabling space as the R4 contains. other than that, it would be perfect
  2. cooler master cosmos 2 except it cost 400$.
  3. Do custom case mods count? I think this wooden case looks absolutely beautiful.

  4. i find the cosmos 2 rather disappointing. it weighs 50 pounds, is around the size of a tj11, yet it doesnt have many WC features
  5. loved the look of the original level 10

    not the gt--the bmw inspired one

    but the price was ridiculous

    edit--this one

  6. would also have to say the coolermaster storm stryker

    first white case i would ever consider getting

    great all round case and i think it looks great in white

  7. looks cant be argued. personal choice :)
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