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AMD a10-5800k vs i3 3220 for gaming

there both the same price what one would do better for gaming?
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  1. Without discrete card ?
    If it's without one, the AMD A10-5800k is better, it has a better on die gpu.
    If you have a discrete card, the i3-3220 is a better cpu.
  2. Both ARE the same price!

    The A10 is great for low cost/low power builds where yo don't want or can't afford a seperate video card.

    If you ARE going to run a seperate video card, then I'd get FX-6300 over either the i3 or the A10.
  3. newegg has a 10 dollar promo on that right now so it would be the same price would the fx-6300 outperform the i3 3220?
  4. Yes, it's slightly better, the FX-6300, though, the i3 won't bottleneck the 7850 and has a lower power consumption, the performance difference is minimal.
  5. The performance difference is minimal for gaming, but the 6300 is a bit faster for many other apps due to the 6 cores.
  6. and i also see that later on i can upgrade the pc to a i5 or 17 later on with the i3 3220?
  7. That is true.

    However, upgrades often never happen. You'd be less likely to need an upgrade with the fx-6300 that can be overclocked.
  8. The i3 has ht for other apps, the i3 is underrated, it's a good cpu with a lower power consumption and it's cheaper.
    Yes, you can add later an i5 or i7 but only from lga 1155.
  9. okay thanks for all the help i was thinking so
  10. is the lga 1155 a motherboard? just wondering kinda new to PC i goggled it but all i get is processor
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    It's the socket for the cpus, meaning you can only put the i5 sandy or ivybridge.
    That's a good motherboard to go with.
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