Low Frame Rates In GTA IV

My Setup
i5 2500k
msi GTX 560
8gb Ram
msi z68mag45-b3 mobo
corsair 600w psu
corsair 400r case
Windows 7 x64

Yes I have all the latest drivers.
So I load up GTA IV, Optimize video, and start the game. It runs at like 9 fps, so I edit some settings and get it to 20 fps, on a 560 card. Help?
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  1. I've managed to get it running again (broke it idk how). All settings are on low and it runs at 20fps. JC2 runs at 60fps...
  2. do you still have drivers installed from an old video card, maybe an amd one?
    are you running any software to overclock the card?
  3. Depends on your resolution also. GTA 4 is a demading game thats ins't optimized for PC. YOu have installed the latest patch of the game?
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