Dead GPU or about to be Dead?

My brain has no idea how to handle this.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed some artifacts on my screen that were erratic and I figured it was my GPU that was dying. I backed everything up and shopped around for a new GPU but as the weeks went by and I restarted my computer, there were no artifacts.

This went on for a while and I edited some pretty intense videos through Adobe Premiere Pro then one day I start up my computer and everything is just technicolor/16 bit lines. I turn off my computer and restart it and it's still lines but I can still see the screen. Then when I reach the start screen everything is huge and I have to change the resolution but when I do everything goes to normal but there are black bars to the side and my computer doesn't recognize my GPU. I didn't know I had an integrated GPU either but it looked like I was running on that?

Anyway, I reinstall drivers and I get my full screen back but the artifacts show up again. Today I used a gpu intense process in photoshop and my computer crashed and blue screened. Then I was stuck in the recovery manager zone and I was getting 3 beeps on the POST test and this continued to happen even after I system restored 3 times. I did some other recovery options, and out of the blue my computer starts up again. Now the screen works fine and there's no artifacts or lines but I'd like to fix this problem before it becomes permanent.

Is my GPU the sole thing to blame or is there something else going on? I'm typing on the same computer now and I can see everything fine which makes no sense to me.

My PC is a HP m9150f and my GPU is NVIDIA 8500 gt.
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  1. Check your video cable connections at the back of the computer and at the monitor to see if maybe there is a loose connection.

    Get a new video cable to see if there is a intermittant connection in your old cable.

    Try removing the Graphics card and just running with the Integrated graphics to see if the problem persists. If it does then you should troubleshoot the memory and motherbaord.
  2. I'm going to buy a $23 replacement card that is the same model as mine and see if that alleviates the problem. I have yet to fully remove the card but I will tomorrow. The cables are fine though.

    My screen will just randomly show lines. One time I had a clear screen (screwed up dimensions because it couldn't detect my graphics card) but as I was rendering the lines showed up.

    What I'm confused is that my model m9150f pavilion isn't supposed to have an integrated card according to HP's site. Yet when I open the device manager it says it can't detect the card so that means I am running on integrated. Also by installing the drivers it'll alleviate the problem of recognizing the card but the lines come back.
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