High CPU temps (A10-5800k)

Just put a new build together, my first AMD build and I'm running the A10 APU. I haven't over clocked yet and I'm getting really high temps running Prime 95. Idle, the ASRockk utility is showing ~25C, ~50C under 100% load. Speccy is showing ~100C at load about 20 min into the test, so is HW Monitor. I think Speccy monitors the package temp, and I'm still not really clear what that means. I'm using the Cooler Master GeminII cooler since the 212 Evo wouldnt fit with the RAM I'm using. I'm using the stock Cooler Master thermal paste that came with the cooler. I have 1 140mm fan blowing in, and one 120mm fan blowing out the back. Prime 95 crashed once already with the 8-8 range. What am I doing wrong? I reapplied the thermal paste once to make sure the CPU as all covered.. same temps. Not enough fans? Need better paste? I know the cooler is good enough. Thanks in advance.
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  1. whats the temps in the bios?
  2. iceclock said:
    whats the temps in the bios?

    It starts out at idle temps of ~25C and gets as high as 40C. After like 5 min in bios.
  3. hmm. you shur the cpu heatsink is well installed?
  4. I upgraded the CPU fan to one of those Corsair high performance ones, put the old fan on the top of the case, and slapped on some Shin-Etsu. Now it doesn't get above 45C in Prime95. Ice cold. Although it does sound like an F-22 now. I suppose I could set the fans to auto.
  5. sounds good.
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