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Hey fellas , so i recently finished my first build comprised of a Gigabyte z77x-d3h , i-3570k , Gigabyte gtx 670,

and TX-650M v2. Unfortunately there has been annoying whining sound that appeared 1-2 days after i assembled

it and after an endless story of testing and RMA'ing i figured out it is the PSU's faulty capacitator. Anyway,

i am now gonna RMA the current psu and get another one possibly different model / brand. Budget is not really

a problem but i would like to stay sub 110-120 euros . Also bear in mind that prices here are a bit higher here so

roughly $ = € . Thank you in advance
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  1. country of origin?
  2. Slovak republic resident .
  3. So far i am considering Enermax 650 watts revolution87 gold or Corsair AX750.

    I know Corsair is 100 watts more powerful but also a tad cheaper and i guess

    i could have some headroom for future upgrades in terms of cpu of whatever.

    What do you guys think? ps. brands like rosewill , antec , xfx are not available here

    so im limited to Seasonic , Enermax and Corsair more or less.
  4. id recommand the corsair over the enermax rev.

    750 would give u more room.
  5. iceclock said:
    id recommand the corsair over the enermax rev.

    750 would give u more room.

    Any other alternatives to the AX750 i should look into? Otherwise i am gonna order it tomorrow.

    Being somewhat sceptical since i got a malfuctioning Corsair last time :ange:
  6. hi - similar rig here, if u don't plan to sli or cf 750w won't be needed, if you can find an AX 650 or a seasonic X650 these would suit perfectly
  7. ax750 im sticking with. really good ps.
  8. iceclock said:
    ax750 im sticking with. really good ps.

    Alright i am taking your advice , i will probably order it tomorrow. Thank you for the help.
  9. excellent enjoy
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