Network interface card problem

:hello: I recently install xp pro and update all necessary drivers for the computer. I also plug-in another network card, this nic is working but seem browsing the web is slower than the original network card comes with the motherboard. Before both network cards show up in
(my network places). Now the network card comes with the motherboard doesnt show up, only the network card connection just installed. I check the device manager both of the network adapters are there, check both of box that say place LAN on taskbar. This could be i have find and install revised intell chipset and lastest BIOS for the pc, now the hard drive activity LED doesnt lit and the ethernet controller has issue. Note when i plug in the cable to ethernet port (one built with pc) theres show both activity light and connection light, but can't connect to the internet. Iam out of options, any help appreciates, thanks !

pc info:
winxp pro sp3
pentium celeron
256 mb of memory
manufacturer: gateway
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  1. when you go to network properties do you see both lan connections? it sounds like the cards are there and working but you dont have the configuration correct.
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