Ati2dvag bypass want better fix.

I have 2 4870x2, used to be crossfired. one of em i believe is dead. The other one is giving me at2dvag bleu screen on every normal boot. Usually under hardware it would display 4 display adapters. Reason i think one is dead because now only 2 adapters are detected. Finally, by disabeling one of the adapters ( does this mean half my card? ) the ati2dvag problem was solved. I cant tell if i lost performance, seems to work, but I would like to find a better solution. New to this, bare with me if im incomplete. TY
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  1. 4 adapters? Are you still using Windows XP?
  2. yes i am still on xp, will soon get 7.
  3. Windows XP shows one adapter per display output, this is why you're seeing 4. You can download Windows 7 and run it as a Trial for 30 days, should give you enough time to find the problem
  4. Now that I updated to win7 my ati2dvag problem changed to a atikmpag problem. For the rest everything is same as before. One dead card, the other detected as 2 display adapters. Disabeling one helps bypassing this atikmapg problem.
    Ty for so far though.
  5. I also noticed that I am getting black lines over text making it unreadable. Desktop colors and brightness doesnt looks so healthy either.

    Update: windows updates seem to have fixed that problem.
  6. I wouldn't be so sure about that. Keep an eye on it, perhaps take one of the cards out
  7. Iv tried to take one card out swapping places and all that.
    Ill keep posting if something changes, thank you.
  8. I noticed that when i get the bleu screen, just before i crash the 3d red LED indicator on my card lights up for like 1s. Is that normal or does it mean anything?
  9. nvm, seems like its something that happens every time the pc boots or resets regardless of a bleuscreen.
  10. I am having artifacts also on full screen mode. To check my 2d and 3d clocks, I noticed I have no performance/overdrive tab in ccc. I tried rivatuner but again, there was no tab to adjust clock speeds. There shouldnt be any overclocking going on though.
    I think by disabling the slave adapter in hardware manager, I disabled those features? But if i enable it I get bleuscreen on windows boot.

    Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. at the end i had to replace the card, thanks.
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