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Relative gaming performance of 3 CPU's

Hi, folks,

Question is this: Given that the game I play is extremely CPU-intensive (EQ2), and keeping all other system components the same (except for the chipset and RAM differences), how much of a performance difference would I likely see moving from a Core2 Duo 8400 to a Pentium Dual Core G860 on a Z77 mainboard? From the G860 to an i5-2500K or i5-3570K (assuming I don't overclock)? I'm gonna upgrade, 'cause the 8400 is getting pretty tired, but I'd like to try to get a real good bang for my buck.
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    Pentium G860 performs pretty much equally as C2D E8400.

    You should consider getting i3 3220 at the very least to make the buy worthwhile.

    Getting i5 3570K and Z77 board is pointless if you don't intend to OC. You can save money getting i5 3470/3570 and H77 board instead.
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