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The hdmi port on my graphics card is not working when I connect it to my tv. All I see is the mouse which I can move. It does however work just fine on windows safe mode and the bios show up just fine. I have the 2gb xfx radeon 7850 double D. My motherboard is asrock h77 intel lga 1155, and my processor is the intel I3 2120.

Thanks in advance
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  1. If you have connected you monitor and you TV, the TV is probably showing as extended desktop? In this case you will only see the mouse and can drag any application window from the monitor to the TV with it. If you want to see the same as on you monitor, right click on your desktop, goto resolution and switch from "extended" to "clone" there.
  2. Hi, I'm Jwag's neighbor. We actually don't have a second monitor. It's just the TV. Our first monitor broke and so we tried using HDMI to substitute.
  3. Alright! Problem solved! For anybody who's interested, I rerouted authority to my Motherboard and connected an old VGA monitor to it, then I started Windows normally and went to driver.xfxsupport.com/public/guide/DRIVERS_INSTALL.pdf and downloaded their driver sweeper utility. I then restarted the computer, routed authority back to my graphics card, went on Safe Mode and ran the driver sweeper. The HDMI driver must've not installed correctly the first time. Thanks.
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