Intel core i5 2320 3.8ghz??

Hello all, I have an intel core i5 2320, and what I am curious about, is that the max turbo frequency is 3.3ghz, but I fiddled with the multiplyer and bus speed, and got the cpu up to 3780.0mhz wich is near 3.8ghz, I am wondering Is cpu just saying that or is it actually clocked at that speed? :o Plus I have a fairly nice cooler so my temps maxed out on prime 95 only reach about 40c MAX... not very hot :P
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  1. I am using cpu-z and my fancy BIOS to "overclock"
  2. If cpuz says it is 3.8ghz that is it's current clock. It might throttle down if their isn't any load.
  3. Sweet! my motherboard has a setting to where it keeps it at the max turbo frequency, so 3780mhz it is 24/7 at a very cool state (25c Idle) Is this considered an overclock? :o cause the "max" turbo frequency is 3.3ghz but I clearly just got it to 3.7 :P
  4. I just got it to 3.9ghz :D
  5. are all four cores also enabled? usually turbo max would work on a single core. but it is an OC never the less. so congratulations for that.
  6. how u can oc ur cpu I have same cpu and i cant oc it ?
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