How black horizontal line in my led display not while gaming

I am using samsung LED monitor series 3 sa300 i got horizontal line appear in my screen but when i playing games it does not appear there. Can anyone find me a solution for this?

Graphics: Intel Core with HD graphics
Processor: Intel I3 processor
motherboard: Intel motherboard DH55HC

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  1. Try reinstalling the drivers or your video card and motherboard chipset.
  2. Hi plasmastorm, first of all thanks for your reply, i reinstalled all drivers but no change. i have noticed that when i change the screen resolution below to 1600*900 that horizontal line disappears.Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Could you take a screenshot using a phone camera or so to further describe the problem?
  4. but how can i upload image here no upload file here
  5. have you tried using a different monitor?
  6. No but i tried my monitor in different computer but its works fine there. i dont know whether that computers resolution is below 1600*900
  7. jithupm17 said:
    but how can i upload image here no upload file here

    You're going to have to upload the image on or Then link it here. :)
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