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I recently purchased a Rosewill Challenger U3 (I got it for $50 which I thought was a good deal...) and I had a few questions for you geniuses. First, do any of you know the fan speed and noise level (rpm and dBaA) of the fans it comes with? Also I ordered two new fans from Newegg for the side. These should both be exhaust, correct? Finally, I accidentally ordered a cheap fan on Ebay (120mm) and I have two very old computer fans (90mm and maybe 60mm? I'm not sure about the second one.) lying around. Since my case doesn't have any fan slots available, do you have any ideas on what to do with them?
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  1. The fan speed will be dependent on the kind of hardware installed and the heat it produces. If you are powering the fans simply by molex connectors there are usually switches on the fans that allow you to adjust the speed and therefore the noise.

    For more insight into how your case will handle heat (and possibly noise):,3098-12.html
  2. I got the fan working. It turned out to be some extra cords in the way. Any ideas on what to do with my extra fans?
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