Graphics card dies when I boost fan to 100%

I'm running a Radon HD 4800 card and the graphics mess up and the computer shuts down whenever i put the fan at 100% speed.

The problem is, that it now starts up at 100% speed again and it fails immediately.

I was able to bring it down from there by fluke, (after the graphics messed up but before the computer rebooted) but is there any solution to this problem?

Also, sometimes CCC.exe bugs out and won't let me change the fan speed unless I end task and start it up again.
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  1. Try booting into safe mode and removing the drivers, then reboot normally and reinstall
  2. I have to wonder too if you're redlining your PSU. What brand and model (not just wattage) is it?
  3. A fan doesn't draw that much power but can't rule out that your psu could be a big problem if you had bought a generic unit.
  4. No, a fan does not, but shutdowns (rather than BSODs or other crashes) look too much like a power problem to not at least check. He could have something like a Diablotek PSU-shaped object in there.
  5. Try reseat the gpu clean the dust and make sure the GPU heatsink/fan is had proper contact.

    For fan control u can download afterburner and set custom fan so it will never reach 100%... (set about 90% if the gpu runs hot u might wanna down clock a little)

    But it only temporary solution, there is problems need to be solved...
  6. I very much doubt that it has something to do with my power supply.

    I'm running a Seasonic 600w Gold.

    What happens is my graphics card bugs out. I get all kinds of white lines and a blurry picture and if I do manage to recover it says hardware malfunction.
  7. If there is a line in the display (corruption), it could be failed card or unstable O.C...

    If the card failed then no other fix than RMA/new card
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