Did I fail majorly?

Alright so I decided to sleeve my psu, I had some nzxt extensions I bought to add a sleeved look before this so i decided that I would cut the ends of the cables and twist them together on my pcie cables to make one long cable(individually of course not one big bundle). So i did it, I cut the end of the psu cable and the male end of the extension, and twisted each wire togther so it looked like a longer version of my "stock" pcie 6 pin cables. They are the same gauge wire and look to be the same materials, is it alright that I just twisted them together? I electrical taped the twists will the wire get to hot and melt? Will there be a good enough electrical current? I'm asking this before I plug in my 7950 and blow everything up lol, Id rather just rebuild the cables than blow something up.
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  1. Also would soldering help create a better connection? Like an idiot I did a rush job because I wanted to see how they would look(usually im a measure twice kinda guy), in hindsight some sort of actual wire splicers or soldering would have been smarter, plus heatshrink over the splice. So basically what is the best way to do it? Soldering? Do they have little connectors I could get from a hardware store or something?
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