New build about to order, last minute change options?

Im about to build this system (via local tech company) and keen to get a 3rd opinion from someone else. My circle of friends, even thou some are gamers just dont know about building and parts.
PLEASE NOTE this is in New Zealand DOLLERS.

AMD FX 8120 125w "unlocked"
G-Skills Ripjaw 2x4gb DDR3 1600mhz PC3 12800
Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 AMD 970 ATX Socket AM3+
LG dvd writer (cheap one to do the job)
Hitachi 1TB 7200rpm hdd sata 3
LANCOOL pc-k62b mid-tower
Cool master 525w extreme2 + duel 12v outputs
Win 7 64bit
wifi adapter

TOTAL 1378.85 (1143.23 USD)

Just need a screen, a good 20" option b great to hear about,
O and a keyboard im looking at Logitech G510

CHeers :bounce:
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  1. Logitech G510 is a G110 without a screen, not worth the extra money I reccomend a mechanical keyboard anyway ( Corsair K90 is great ) other then that it should work fine.
  2. Get an i5 and Radeon 7770. The FX series is terrible when it comes to gaming.
  3. i5 cpu is out cos i just dont like intel. Not that i got n e real reason, im pretty keen on keeping the AMD chip
    Someone gotta support the underdog lol
  4. if u like amd then wait for FX Piledriver and their performance bulldozer sucks in gaming .......
  5. Eep. the i3 3220 is the same price and 2 tiers up on the 8150... would still allow for a 7850 for a nice balanced rig.
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