Lil help-Month old build and still havent set up 2nd 1TB HDD

Ill post my specs below, However I have the 120GB SSD set up for OS / Programs I am now ready to start pooling all my media that has been spread over a few PC's,.. I am having problems getting the 1TB Caviar black HDD to recognize in Windows,... sorry for the newb questions but, I have my main SSD set up with no jumper, and tried a number of jumper combos for the HDD.... It does however show up when i check the BIOS,... little help ?
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  1. It doesn't show up when you check the bios hmmm. I know this is a little remedial, but did you plug the power into the drive?
  2. it DOES show up in bios, its the asus fancy bios menu but it shows two boot drives and my 120gb ssd , not in windows tho.... do i have to format it or something? like I said i have my SSD with NO jumper, and my 1TB ive tried a few jumper settings, but yes, there is power going to it, actually had to unplug the effing CDRW cuz its a huge case...
  3. nothing? come on!!!
  4. type "Disk Management" into the start menu, click on "Create and Format HDD partitions". You should find your HDD in there. Right click on it and Initialize it, then format using the NTFS. Then it should be recognized by Windows proper.
  5. its not working
    it shows as "disc 0"
  6. is it the jumper i put on it,...?
  7. First of all, you should not have tried changing the jumpers on the back of the HDD. There is NO jumper setting for Master and Slave on SATA drives, and there is only one actual good reason for changing any jumper on a SATA drive - a reason that is VERY unlikely to be needed for you. HOWEVER, on some SATA drives it is possible to put a jumper on one pin pair that will make the drive appear "dead" when it isn't.

    So, first step: go to this WD website page:,279/session/L3RpbWUvMTM0ODQyODA5MC9zaWQvb3pBZnktNmw%3D#satadesktopjump

    and set your HDD's jumpers back to the proper default setting.

    Next, go to WyomingKnott's sticky post at the top of the Storage ... General discussion forum here:

    and pay special attention to his Step 5. That will help you to Partition and Format your empty new HDD.

    Lastly, once you get this set up, reboot directly into BIOS Setup and check the Boot Priority sequence. Make sure only your boot device (the SSD?) is being used (well, maybe your optical drive first), and NOT your HDD for boot purposes.
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