3 years no bsod, 3 bsod 0x124 in 2 days

Hi everyone,
I hope this is the right forum section to be asking this, as the title states I am seeking knowledge mainly about BSOD causes.
The facts are:
i5-750@3.8 running for 3 years perfect on asus p7p55d-e evo m/b and Temps never above 60c in max load
8gb ram 1600, 5850 radeon also overclocked but never had stability issues and temps never above 70c in heavy games
psu hx750w
The thing is, that I might have tried to squeeze some more from the cpu, by raising the multiplier by 1 (from 19X200 to 20X200) prior to the issues, so of course this is the 1st thing that comes to mind as the cause of the bsod's. And I say I might because I am not entirely sure if the small change I did in the bios was b4 or after the first bsod which propably I underestimated.

Another fact is that the PC all 3 of the times that went blue, skype was running(call or vid-call) and a game maybe, but for sure the 3rd one (the "alerting" bsod) I had was only with skype and browser(mozilla). In my book this screams hardware, and hopefully because of unstable configuration, which of course I reverted to the previous state and see from there if something happens again.

Any other suggestions welcome..

ps. a long shot, the bsod's were a bit "loud" and while people were talking to me via skype, does getting a soundcard and disabling completely onboad audio from m/b sound as a good idea to help the whole situation?
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    0x124 is typical of an overheating CPU, an undervolted CPU, or an unstable OC. So it sounds like the OC you tried wasn't stable.
  2. tweaked the voltages a bit, did the trick, thanx
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