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I just recently spent a large amount of money and have gotten no results, by this i mean i recently bought an ASUS 7950 DirectCUII Top (forgive me if i misspetlt (no spaces))
for my computer only problem was that it was so big it covered my only pci express X1 port were my LAN card was housed. But after a while that was solved with the installation of a "Bluetooth 2.1+edr USB device and i thought all was well until the LAN card needed a driver update and withhout it i could not go on the internet and with my graphics card i thought it would be overpowered but it was worse than my previous graphics card (and thats a tough score to beat if i might add) but it would have been as good as it said but it also needed a driver which needed internet which i couldn't access because of the LAN card!

so any help would be great full and appreciated. :sol:
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  1. Help with what?
  2. Hey

    Ohh i just read through it and... yeah i was wondering if any one knew about drivers for the graphics card and the LAN card and i have a laptop with internet so i can actually get the drivers but im just not sure were to get them or what to do with them?
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