Peculiar laptop boot up problem

my laptop takes multiple tries for the first boot up of the day. once it has booted taking 4-5 to 10-15 tries, it boots normally from then on how many time i restart or shut it down. the problem arises the next morning as usual for the first boot. running battery or direct does not matter.

when it try to boot for first time, fan starts to spin, hard disk light blinks, it does not go to post but restarts. repeating the same until it finally boots up. the post does not show any error. once its up no problem whatsoever while running it.

i have ran sfc /scannow , checked device manager in safe mode for any error,but nothing. i'm running win-vista-HP-32.

i have a clean internal laptop environment, reapplied new thermal paste, checked the rams [with new one too], cmos battery is okay too.

only thing i'm not sure is the system fan. when the laptop runs there is a 30sec cycle of very hot air with full flow and almost nothing coming out of the exhaust panel. is it normal?

i use hwinfo. temps are in the range of
cpu - 45-48 to 62-64C
gpu - 48-50 to 62-64C
mcp - 52 to 62-64C
hdd - 36 to 55-56C

its acer aspire 4520 laptop.
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  1. When did you install the new ram? Did the problem ever occur before you installed the new ram? If the problem started with the ram remove it, if the problem occurred before that, my guess is the motherboard is the culprit.
  2. actually i did not changed the ram, when the problem started i thought it may be due to bad ram, so i checked it with a different ram i have.
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