Can anyone recommend a good gaming keyboard/mouse

I just built my new first ever PC and i am truly amazed with it, the performance is amazing! Everything works and is super quick and for a good price!

Here are my specs :)

i5 3570k OC @ 4.6Ghz
Asrock z77 extreme4 Mobo
500HD Western Digital HDD
Sony 24x Internal CD Sata DVD Multi Writer
MSI Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 Power Edition

I don't really have a clue of any knowledge of mice/keyboards and would like a little help. I would like to understand what DPI means and what is recommended. At the moment i play on a standard Acer mouse and keyboard that came with an old PC and they both seem a bit flimsy. I would like to spend no much rather than £50 to be honest as they are just peripherals but i don't mind paying a bit more for a really good deal. Thanks!
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  1. if you can spring for razer mouse/keyboard, then do it. they are truly amazing pieces of kit. personally, i have an arctosa keyboard (a tad old, but excellent) and a razer naga mouse (I chose that one because it has 17 programmable buttons)
  2. Well mouse the best I think is the Logitech g400
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