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I want to know if I need to use a surge protector on the Corsair TX850.
I've always used one on this PC, with a 600w PSU, but I don't know about the TX850 one.
My surge protector has 300v, I don't live in the US and the power from the electrical socket is 220v.
Should I plug it directly into the electrical socket or buy another surge protector?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. It may not be required but it wont hurt anything to have the surge protector. It just adds a layer of protection in front of your power supply so if something happens the surge protector is most likely to fry instead of your PSU.
  2. But I also saw that it may be worse because then it'll have 2 power filters, and the PSU can regulate the voltages better and faster, because this PSU has the same characteristics has a surge protector.

    The power where I live rarely goes out, and here we unplug everything from the outlet when there is a thunderstorm.

    Forgot to mention that the PSU is the V2 version of TX850.
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