Does P4 478 socket heatsink converts for a10 trinity FM2 socket?

Is it possible to adapt the p4's stock hetsink/cooler in FM2 socket?

Cause the a10's stock cooler is crap; the coverage area is half of the cpu heat spreader. You can actualy see from the sides and top of the heatsink the exposed cpu heat spreader that the heatsink doesnt cover. Why this? To save aluminium cost??? :pt1cable: :fou: . Just wtf now.. They overdid it. Because of this, the temps are high.
So I want to try the old cooler just to see the results. It may be older but it seems more robust and effective than the quickie one of FM2
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  1. No doubt it's possible but probably not worth your while.
  2. Im sure its worth my time, because if its good, its going to save me money.
  3. Well the fact you came here to ask suggests it requires skills and/or tools you don't have, making it easier to just buy a new one for $20-ish.
  4. In order to take something better than the stock cooler, u must spend at least 30$-40$, but if u find a proper adaptor its going to cost under 2$-3$.
  5. The likelihood of finding a pre-fab Socket 478 to FM2 heatsink adapter is nil.

    Of course, you could fabricate one.

    However, considering the time to do so along with the materials needed (and the possibility of breaking something) you could get something like a CM Hyper 212+ for $30.00 and be much better off.
  6. Everyone is being nice, what you have there is a terrible Idea that will cost more than it's worth.
  7. noob2222 said:

    This is not an adapter for a FM2 mobo. This is for the older AM2/Socket 754/939/940 mobos. With AM3, they holes in the motherboard for mounting the heatsink bracket changed (from 2 holes to 4 holes).
  8. don't ruin it, let him order it first and find out he is wasting his time trying to find a way to make something work that its not designed for.

    The bigger issue is the fact that the heatsink probably just isn't mounted properly, or he is trying to overclock the crap out of it.
  9. No. I am not trying to overclock, I explained why I want to do it (if possible). So I asked here because (i did a deep google search before I post the topic) if its possible, it needs a work around, and here might be ppl that have seen all the changes through the sockets (I only have two pcs).

    If there isnt a way, can someone tell if this cooler is good or if have something else at this type (that the fan is vertical to the cpu, not like the CM Hyper 212 Plus)?:
  10. I once used a very similar Arctic heatsink (the heatsink looks nearly identical, but the fan is different). It really wasn't much better than the stock AMD OEM unit.

    What is your max budget?

    Consider this one:
  11. My budget is about the Artic cooler prize. Are u sure, what was the cpu u had? What about the site comparison with the stock of a A8-3850?

    The CoolerMaster looks nice (dont know whats the performace compared to the Artic cooler), but come on, only 40000hrs lifespan??? My stock of 478 works after 10 years (!!!) (almost all day the pc was working). Thats why I dont like much the CoolerMasrter..
  12. Really up to you to get what you can afford. The Arctic is not a bad device, don't get me wrong.
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