Worth it to save for Haswell?

I have an i7 950 and a Sabertooth X58 so I'm long overdue to upgrade. I'm not one to upgrade every cycle obviously but I read that Haswell will only have DDR4 compatibility on server boards =( I'm afraid that if I buy Haswell when it comes out then it'll be completely obsolete by the time commercial DDR4 boards roll around, since tasks will require it then.

My system is as follows:

1.Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM 12GB
2.i7 950 w/ Asus X58 Sabertooth MB
3.Corsair H100 (had a Cooler Master V6 before, which was a pain to clean. This one is much, much easier to clean and install) though I'll obviously need to order a new backplate when Haswell comes out
4.Corsair 750w PSU

5.OCZ Octane 120GB drive (probably the culprit behind my twice weekly BSODs as I read bad things about Sandforce), going to have as a spare data drive and replace it with a Corsair 250GB neutron GTX drive as the boot drive
6.Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB storage drive

7.HAF 932 case. It's a bit dated as it has no USB 3.0 support, but apart from bad cable management in the back (the non-fan side panel is a pain to put on) and tipping it upside down to clean the dust from in front of the red fan (the paintbrush sometimes gets lost) is a great case as it has wheels, space, and the rubber tray at the top is good for keeping spare screws, an Ipod/camera, etc. However, I'm replacing mine with a Lian-li PC-A76 today. I seriously considered a Cosmo II since I love the idea of a ginormous case, but I'm going to be turning 28 this year and need a more adult case to reflect being a mature adult, and that means practicality and understatement over flashing lights and a mean design.


Should I buy Haswell and corresponding Asus Sabertooth board (if any) or will DDR4 be available to the masses a year afterward making Haswell literally obsolete and like using a Q6600 and DDR2 now?
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  1. I don't think DDR4 will hit the mainstream motherboards until 2015 when Skylake is released. No tasks will require DDR 4 RAM. At this point I would simply wait for Haswell, the i7-950 is not that slow nor is it really obsolete.
  2. The difference in performance between ivybridge and Haswell will probably be 5-10%...
    If you want a new computer now, go for Ivybridge but if you are willing to wait, go for haswell. You wont see a noticeable difference in real world tasks or tests but the haswell will be a bit faster and hopefully produce less heat unlike ivybridge. Also haswell will have less power consuption
  3. the last anything I saw remotely resembling "official' regarding Haswell was a twitter from an intel employee regarding some leaked benchmarks that was saying haswell wasnt much of an improvement.. he replied to say the benchmarks were fake as everything they've tested has shown a significant increase in performance...

    I'm waitng for haswell myself.
  4. Ok i found the link an remembered it wrong. he did not say a significant improvement, he only said its not slower than Ivy.


    my apologies.
  5. +1^: dirtyferret per point #2
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