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Little thermal paste on cpu socket plz just check pic

Hello everybody
I just built a new pc using
Asus rampage 4 gene mobo
Core i7 3820
& hyper 212 evo

I made a mistake by adding little too much thermal compound that came with the hyper 212 cooler
About 2-3 drops came down to the right side of motherboard cpu socket
I turned on my new pc & everything works, I even installed windows, everything working. But i am scared to death if anything happens in future.

Just please check the picture & tell if it will be a problem or not

Plz tell if link not working
There r 3-4 drops on right side only.

Thanku soo much for ur time
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    It is just messy won't cause any performance issues or anything, why not clean it up?
  2. Plz just tell how, what to use
  3. 98 or 99% rubbing alcohol works best at removing thermal compound
  4. Ok i will try that. But i am scared if any damage happens
  5. cotton balls and 99% alcohol, alcohol is safe for electronics and evaporates quickly as well as cleans well. Cotton balls help soak up thermal paste. Dont worry so much. It'll be fine
  6. Ok...THANKU VERY MUCH for being more specific. I will use cotton & alcohol
  7. Welcome good luck. Dont forget to choose best answer haha
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