Can't get 5760x1080 to work

I have a gtx 680 and three 21.5 1080p 60hz monitors and I can't seem to get get nvidia surround to make it 5760x1080. Anyone know why? I have two of my monitors on dvi and one on hdmi. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Did you enable surround in the nvidia control panel? Also, are your drivers up to date? I am not positive, but you may have to use the display port instead of HDMI if that does not work.
  2. display port or adapter, in this case HDMI isn't going to work.

  3. verbalizer said:
    display port or adapter, in this case HDMI isn't going to work.

    Doesn't your picture say that any connectors may be used? I'm pretty sure he can use HDMI. It's not AMD.

    @OP: What steps did you take already in trying to make it work?
  4. the green dots...
    and no, he cannot..
  5. There are two green dots on DVI, one on HDMI and one on display port. Futhermore:

    The GeForce GTX 680 sports two DVI connectors, one HDMI connector, and one DisplayPort connector. In 2D Surround, gamers can use any of the four display connectors to power their Surround setup, and the fourth display connector for the Accessory Display.

    Am I not seeing anything?
  6. I guess I missed it or read it wrong.
    good show..

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