Can ramdisk act like a hybrid drive?

I recently installed ramdisk on my computer and am wondering if you i can run it like a revodrive. I think i understand how they work where they take information your using and run it through the ssd. If I have this wrong, let me know i'm new to tinkering with settings. I have 16gb of ram and am considering using 10gb for the ramdisk as i have not seen my ram usage go over 4 gb. Thank you for looking and I appreciate any thoughts.
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  1. Ramdisk is not a good way to store files in at all. It's good as a temporary fast storage though. RAM acts like a hybrid drive for your whole system (any info passed from the drive to the CPU goes though the RAM), so there is no need to try to set it up as something else. The only time I have used ramdisk is to copy files to during a boot disk I made to image things, it held all of the network drivers before loading them. Was much faster than if it loaded them from disk.
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