Budget system

hey, im making a budget system for £250
i have
- case
- powersupply
couple of questions
1. do i really need an SSD. i would like faster boot up and really fast opening and copying because i will be doing java and html coding, quite alot!

2. what mother board and graphic card should i go with?

i will be mostly be playing online java games like minecraft, runescape and some games like rollercoaster tycoon (not games like bf3)
i will also be, listening to music in the background with itunes, on facebook, skype in the background, and coding.

this i my build at the moment.

- AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black - £82
- G.Skill 4GB - £19
- 60gb SSD - £40
- wifi card 450mbps - £18

what graphic card and motherboard do you recommend, remember to keep in the budget. ?
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  1. bump? anyone , please
  2. an ssd is not something that necessary its what you have in a mid and above range build. for light gaming like that something like a 7750 would be good minecraft is mostly cpu bound anyways. with dropping the ssd i would say bump to an i3 and 8gbs of ram the x4 is more of a gaming cpu.
  3. i cant really go any lower..

    do you think an i3 would be better? would it be able to multitasking with ease?
    like running skype, and itunes in the background while on facebook?
  4. i mean, i cant make my budget any higher.
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