Could I fit a gtx 550 ti into a Corsair carbide 300r?

Title says it all, Planning on buying a computer from that has this case. Then plan on buying a gtx 550 ti and installing it myself.
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  1. Yes, it'll fit but I'd give them a call and see if they'll drop one in for you at build time rather than risk voiding the warranty.
  2. It will fit easily :).
  3. It will fit. Coozie 7 makes a good point. Since you are buying a pc there, why not ask them to install that gpu for you. That saves you trouble and any chance of breaking things up and if something does not work properly you can call them back but if you did it yourself, they will probably say that the problem is caused by you.

    - Fastreaction
  4. you should get something better than the GTX 550 Ti but it depends on the rest of the unit specs..
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