Ivy bridge celery vs sandy bridge pentium dual core

I'm planning to get this


or this


for a budget gaming PC using either a radeon 7770 or a 7850 1GB. Which CPU should would be better for gaming? I know that IVB has better ipc than sandy but is it worth it for 300MHz less clockspeed and 1MB less cache? It's also $10 cheaper.
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  1. Go for pentium over celeron it would much better in gaming.if you can raise budget then get g860 cpu.
  2. IB is 7-8% faster than SB which makes those two CPUs almost even with SB still being slightly ahead.

    If the intent is to have a usable PC until you can afford a better CPU, go with the Celeron. If you plan to use whatever CPU you buy for the next couple of years, you might want to consider stepping up to i3 - about just as good as a same-clocked i5 would be for most games.
  3. Ivy bridge celery? OK, but make sure you get some finely chopped silicone carrots, some AMD bread curtons and an Nvidia sauce for the best flavour....

    Mmmmm....silicone salad.
  4. ^Haaa lol lol......
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