Gaming Keyboard, mouse and headset ~$200

The question says it all.
I want in illuminated keyboard and a Gaming headset the uses a 3.5mm audio jack.
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    Turtlebeach PX11
    Razer death adder
    Microsoft sidewinder,Razer blackwidow keyboard
  2. I was thinking-

    But im confused...

    Do i buy the Corsair 1300 or Corsair 1500. I would really love surround sound
    1500 -

    But that Corsair 1500 runs off USB... I only have 2 USB front panel ports so using one will take up half my ports... Will i notice 5.1Ch audio from the 1500 or will the 1300 do?
  3. - 1 less button but higher dpi, feels very comfy (i use one at home) - my preference on the keyboards available @ newegg, i prefer simple layout & mx reds. go for mechanical switches not some tacky overpriced membrane-based junk covered in flashing lights & useless gizmos. beware the word "gaming" in a keyboard's title, it usually means it's trash.

    leaves you $60 for a headset :) no ideas on that front, i'm not a headset user.
  4. i like to play games in the dark so i need illuminated keys... I dont want mechanical keyboards as the keys make alot of noise... What i would want is a illuminated keyboard with some multimedia buttons and some G keys.
  5. Think I saw a review of the 1500 that said the 3D was good but couple folks had the frame snap (was warranty replaced).
  6. mechanical keyboards don't all make noise, it depends on the switch type. mx blues (the type used in the razer keyboard in a previous post) are tactile switches that make a clicky sound. mx reds & blacks are linear switches which are silent action, only noise is when the key bottoms out the same as any other keyboard.
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