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Okay, here goes. I have a general question, requesting advice on purchasing hardware. In my household, we currently have one desktop PC, two laptops, two HDTVs, and three cell phones. All of them are Wi-Fi compatible. Currently, I have a NetGear WGR614 v8 router courtesy of Comcast.

I wanted to know if it is possible that I can have all devices sharing the same Wi-Fi network? The desktop PC is connected to the router with CAT-5. The TV in the living room can be connected to the router as well with CAT-5 as the router is less than a foot from the network jack on the back of the TV.

The TV in the bedroom has a Wi-Fi ready via USB.
My daughter who is off to college owns one of the cell phones a laptop and an XBOX360 which I am not concerned about connecting until she returns home around Christmas.

Just how many devices are allowed on the router and do you suggest that a Wireless Access Point be added to the current setup?

Your suggestions are welcome. Thanks again for sharing.
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  1. Maximum computers per wireless
    Limited by the amount of wireless network traffic generated by
    each node. Typically 30–70 nodes.
    A node can can any wireless enabled device.

    From your manual ^

    The amount of devices you want to connect won't be an issue.

    This is a wireless G router,so it may slow down with the more devices you have connected to it.

    Link to your manual ^ can be found on the right side of this page

    It's a PDF so have Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader Installed to view it.

    Adobe Reader ^
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