Recommended power supply for GTX 680

Hello, so I was planning on upgrading to a GTX 680 (Specifically this one: ) and I was wondering if my current power supply should be sufficient.

Current PSU:

Thanks in advance!
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    550 watts + 190 for a second one.

    I'd use a 650 watter for one and a 850 watter for two minimum.
  2. Your Antec 750 watt power supply will be more than enough. The recommended minimum is 550 watts.
  3. yes, that is more than enough you are proceeding to the upgrade.
  4. It will work like a charm! Have fun with your new GPU :).
  5. Thank you all very much for the helpful responses! I'll make a follow-up post if I have any issues.
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  7. Hello I recently purchased a GTX680 and my power supply is a MOD X STREAM PRO, 25amps 12+v rail
    the minimum requirement for the GTX 680 is: 550W 38amps 12+v rail

    When switching on the computer, the fan spins at full speed with no signal to the monitor, is this because of low amps?
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