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Good day. I am looking for a video card that supports 3 dvi monitors. I purchased some that supported 3 monitors, but 1 was dvi, 1 was vga, and the third was HDMI. Is there a card that supports 3 dvi ports?
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  1. What will you use the monitors for? If it's not gaming, you can just buy another card with 2 DVI outputs and it will work just fine (two monitors from one card, and a third one through another card).
  2. That is what I currently have, but doing this creates a fourth "phantom" monitor with Windows 7. I found this out because an enduser accidentally moved the Excel spreadsheet she was working on to that monitor, and could not find it. I had to activate that monitor and de-activate another one to get Excel back (so she could access and use it.) Several endusers feel they will be far more productive with 3 monitors, as opposed to the 2 monitors they currently have / use. Do you know of a way to "short out" the fourth port? Also, I am on a limited, scrutinized budget.
  3. Are the latest drivers installed? That should not be happening at all. Which cards are you using?
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