MSI Z77-GD55 PCI Express top slot not working??

Hi everyone hope you may be able to help. I have just set up my new rig i5 ivy 3570K + Corsair H60, msi z77a gd55, msi hd 7870, psu corsair gs700, 8gb 1600mhz vengeance corsair ram.

All seemed fine got the system up and running but graphics card wasn't recognized in the top pci express 3.0 slot. I enabled pci express 3.0 in the bios and it still was not recognized. I checked device manager and it just wasn't listed? I then re seated the card in the pci express 3.0 slot below and it worked fine and showed up in device manager. This lead me to believe that it was a faulty pci express port. However i tested the assumed faulty port with another grahics card a 7600GT and it worked fine?? I'm pulling my hair out here and after re-installing windows and updating all drivers to the newest ones and updating bios as well as flashing it back to original setting i'm totally at a loss as to waht to do next. I really don't want to have to RMA but it's looknig that way!

Please help :(
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  1. Just though I'd post a fix in case anyone else has this problem. I installed the new 1.4 bios for my z77a-gd55 and the port started working. I installed it from a flash drive thought the bios and not from the live update and hey presto!
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