I cant dowload anything with my work computer

hey guys
im having a problem downloading things with my work computer provided by the administration
first they didnt even let us use the internet but they eventully changed thei minds but they did something to the internet coonection maybe,, so we cant download anything can anyone help me pls
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  1. just tell them you need to download illegal stuff of the internet, and they might open it up for you.
  2. Sounds like a misunderstanding. You refer to "your" work computer and your employer seems to think the computer belongs to them and they don't want employees downloading.
  3. Okay, yeah, where to start.

    First off, they didn't even want you to have the internet because of trust. Now that you have it, you want to break that trust and download things that you probably don't even need to download.

    Second, you are paid to work, not download crap.

    Third, if you want to listen to music, thumb drives were invented for a reason.

    Fourth, there is a reason most employers block downloading things. It prevents viruses, spyware, and dishonest people from messing with their computer and network infrastructure. Fixing a computer that has a virus because some idiot downloaded "Totally Naked Chicks and Not a Virus.exe" is costly and time consuming and brings down productivity.

    Now perhaps there is a very legitimate reason you need to download something. Talk to your system administrator about it. However, trying to circumvent their connection rules is stupid.

    I learned, all the way back in 2004 mind you, that companies can see everything you do on the internet. Everything you search for, everything you type, everything you look at. Everything. Not all companies do this, but the fact is that they can easily find out what you are doing.

    Hell, my own employees learned that the hard way. Thankfully, simply showing them that you know what they've been up to is enough to scare them in line. We have a very lax internet policy, they can download things. Are they happy? Nah, they got to go look at NSFW crap. Then I got to track them down and talk to them about it. It causes too much paperwork.

    So do your employers a favor, save them from paperwork. Don't try to circumvent their connection policy. They'll probably know the second you try anyway.
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