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ok so I was looking at a build that I am working on and saw that I was spending 20 more on a 2gb over the 1gb. If the 1gb is a better choice is it worth an extra $15 to get a superclocked model? by the way I am getting a EVGA
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  1. The 550 Ti is just a so-so card. Although I don't know your budget or your purposes, it makes more sense to spend the $15 on just moving up to a better card, period. The VRAM is a secondary concern compared to the strength of the GPU itself. Assuming you are in the US, consider either of these 560s, which match approximately in cost the 2GB 550 Ti after rebate: or I can't imagine a situation, even at e.g. very high resolution, where the 2GB 550 Ti would outperform a 560 1GB.

    edit: here's a decent sense via a good all-around benchmark; you can see the 560 is easily 40-50% faster in many games:
  2. I am able to get a 1gb 550 ti at microcenter for about 110 after rebates so that is almost $50 more, and what do you think about the superclocked option?
  3. The 550 Ti won't let you game at decent settings (decent being medium at least) on any modern game above 1080p, which makes the 2gb vram not really worth getting. What other gfx options do you have at your microcenter?

    What's your current monitor res?
  4. I do not have a monitor at the moment I am working on a new build and was completely lost on graphics
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    The 560 I linked was $125 after rebate (and the other was $130), so if you are willing to wait for your money to come back, it's only $15 more. And we aren't talking a small difference here. Pay 10% more and get 40% more performance? Sounds like an obvious choice. Of course, you may just not have the money, but the 560 is far and away superior to the 550 Ti. Look at that benchmark I linked above again.
  6. oh thanks for pointing that out I didn't notice the price after the rebate
  7. i know its an older thread but if this in time then yay. i have a 550ti and it games on all games i play like BF3 on ultra settings just fine with an fps of about 60-65 steady, its pushed a bit by dual monitors with hd content on each at the same time so i got another in sli and that works very well with BF3 on ultra 1080p on my first screen and 1080 movies on the other while BF3 is still running with 65-70 fps during action then during a boring bit at 80ish fps
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