I am unable to connect to 192 168 1 1

I have been trying to set up WiFi with my WRT54G2V1 router. I had earlier set up the same router with the help of Linksys CD (which came with the router) and my PC and the laptop were working fine. I am using the router with MTNL modem UT 300R2U.

Before going out of station for more than six months I had disconnected the router from my PC. While my PC works with the same modem, I am unable to set up the router again.

I have done the following.

i) Reset the router to factory settings by pushing the reset button for 45 seconds. Also tried the ipconfig/release.

ii)followed the procedure as given at


iii) I get stuck because I am unable to connect to It says the page cannot be displyaed

iv) I have also tried it after disabling the firewall in Trend security anitivirus

v) I have tried with both Google Chrome and IE browsers.

Would appreciate an early solution
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Can you be sure that's the right address for the router, particularly after the changes you made?

    Open a Command form and at the Prompt, type ipconfig /all and check that the Default Gateway is or is present at all. If it is, at the Prompt type ping and see what results from that.

  2. Are you trying to connect wirelessly to after resetting? You may have disrupted settings required for wireless communication. Best to use wired in that case.
  3. I would suggest the same as Saga above. You just may be using the wrong IP address to access the router settings.
    And as stated this should be done with the router hard wired to the PC you are trying to set up the router on.
  4. Many Thanks. I have been able to find the solution.
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