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Hi everyone I got my new sapphire 7950 gpu couple of days back and started playing games at max settings. When I am playing Far cry 3 or nfsmw 2012, the CPU temperatures are reaching more than 95C. The GPU stays at ~70C . Reapplication of thermal paste also did not work for me. The idle temperatures of CPU are ~45C.Please help me out :)

My specs:
Intel i7 2600k @3.4 Ghz (Stock cooler)
550w cooler master xtreme power plus psu
msi H67MA E35 mobo
ati radeon 7950 @850 Mhz
cooler master elite 311 plus cabby
Kingston 4 GB ram
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    Are you using the stock HSF (heatsink/fan)? If you are check to make sure that it is seated well. Easy way to check this is to reach in and grab each of the twist clips and pull straight up. If you can pull any of them straight up than it wasnt making good contract with the processor and you are going to want to reseat it to ensure that it is making good contact.
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  3. Thanks a ton man. Yeah i was using a stock HSF and one of its clips wer not properly pressed when i was putting it back. You just sloved my problem in a snap :).. Thank you very much :bounce: Now my processor temps are not even touching 70C. :D
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