Scoreing really low benchmark?

Hi Not sure if this is in right place but i am beginning to worry that something is wrong with my rig
I scored 2125 with this rig

FX-6100 (not overclocked)
Asrock 970 extreme 3 mobo
Sapphire HD 7770 oc edition
8Gb Kingston Hyperx 1600 DDR3 ram
60gb Sata iii vertex SDD

i am scoring low in all areas and dont know why
the main one that stands out to me is this only 2.15fps cant be right surley

2013-02-06T17:13:49.0165334+00:00 [Workload Result] Video playback 2.15 fps
2013-02-06T17:13:49.0330378+00:00 [Workload Result] Video transcoding - downscaling 460.14 kB/s
2013-02-06T17:13:49.0330378+00:00 [Begin set deinit]
2013-02-06T17:13:49.4047621+00:00 [End set deinit]

Any help would be massively appricated
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  1. What benchmark?
  2. guessing you are using pc mark 7 benchmark?
  3. lol yer sorry pc mark 7 pro.
  4. I downgraded driver to Catalyst 12.1 and i now score 3708 but im still 1000 shy of the average marks ??? stuck what else it could be
  5. wouldnt worry about it--i am getting bad results as well

    try a different benchmark

    pcmark 7 basic version is only scoring me 2700


    Video playback iteration 3.24407 fps Video playback and transcoding /

    Video transcoding - downscaling468.44564685546874 kB/s

    using 2600k at 5ghz

    7970 at 1ghz and 1600 memory speed

    16gb 1600mhz vengeance ram

    samsung 250gb 830 ssd

    P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 motherboard

    i should be scoring much higher than you

    try using unigine benchmark to test graphics

    and superpi to test cpu speed

    and as ssd to test ssd speed

    all free softwares

    edit--i am using amd driver 13.1
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