2 video cards, which one has priority?

Hello everyone, ok so long story short, i have a GTX 470 and i just bought a GTX 570 from a friend of mine.

on my GTX470, although i could run most games @ max settings, BF3 was the one that got me thinking about a small upgrade.
Would have to run it on high etc so i said SURE WHY NOT ....and i got it from my friend. Not sure how much more juice id get moving up from the 470 to the 570 but anyways um, so

So now that i have them both in my system, how can i know which one my computer is using as the main? Long story short(again)

the only reason i have the 470 still in my system is because i run a 3 monitor setup so i need the extra slots for it so essentially, the middle monitor is now the 570 and the left/right is the 470.

So what im wanting is to make SURE that the one in effect is the 570. how can i make sure of this?

thanks in advance.
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  1. The card rendering the game will be the one which is connected to the monitor you're gaming on.

    You can also download MSI afterburner, it will tell you GPU load. Just play for a few minutes and check the GPU load of GTX 570.
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    ^^ This guy is correct which ever monitor you are gaming on the card that it is connected to is gonna be the one rendering the can make sure of this by using GPU-Z in the background....also something to think about is that if you have intel HD graphics on your cpu and your motherboard allows you to use onboard video you could enable both the onboard video and one video card to get 3 monitors. This will save you on power and heat production rather than using 2 full on dedicated cards.
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