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Do you guys think I should get a reference 7970 and sell my 2 6950's in Crossfire if the net cost for me is $0? What's the relative performance, heat, overclocking headroom, etc.? Thanks.
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  1. If its going to cost you nothing for the upgrade I would def do it....there really isnt too much information online comparing the two but I found a thread where a guy did a comparison


    He claims that between 6950 CF and 7970 it is dead even in terms of performance.
    If this is the case I would def go with the 7970...consumes less power and produces less heat then the dual card solution also has 3gb of framebuffer which could help out in newer more demanding games. It will also not microstutter like CF cards..not always gonna happen but can...Long story short def go with the 7970...also will oc alot higher too....and in the future when its starts to choke you have the option to add another.
  2. It would be a Good idea to selling your current setup and buying one high-end single gpu,
    HD 6950 CF:
    high power consumption
    chances of micro-stuttering
    driver issue's
    more heat producing
    much noisy when put a max load

    HD 7970:
    less power consumption
    very good at overclocking
    not noisy even at max
    no driver issue
    no micro-stuttering
    more efficient.
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