Is it worh upgrading my computer?

First off, I have 2 computers. I have a good gaming computer that i leave at my moms house but at my dads house i have an older computer, with 2gb ddr2 ram and a intel pentium E2200. I want to know if it would be worth upgrading the computer at all. Right now i have a geforce 9600 gt graphics card in it, and i was going to upgrade to a gt 640 or gtx 650, because the one i have is getting old and doesnt run the games very good anymore.

Second, My processor is old, intel pentium dual core E220 with 2.2ghz

I was wondering if it would be worth upgrading my graphics card to gt 640 or gtx 650 (i dont need great hd graphics, i just want my games to run better) and to 4gb ddr2 ram. But my ultimate question is, will i see any improvement in how the games run, or is my processor just to old and to big of a bottleneck to notice a difference?

If it helps i play Arma 2, Civ 5, and Far Cry 3 and i will play on a 19" 1440x900 monitor.

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  1. You would get some boost but the CPU is going to hold it back. Either leave it alone or look into a faster CPU as well.
  2. Id say yes, but like rolli said, a new cpu is needed. Try
    but its a little expensive.
    is cheaper.
    AS far as the gpu, thoes are great choices.Also maybe 6-8gb of ram, just beacause it helps the computer overall.
  3. nope. best invest money in a new plateform. why waste money on old technology.
  4. Well a decent new video card could be used in a new platform, later.

    What power supply do you have? I might look at Radeon 7750.
  5. i have a stock psu with 300 watt, and i was able to run a 9600 on it so i could run a 7750 to, but i can only hold 4gb on my motherboard and i dont want another build because i just got a new one at my other house, i just need to make my games more playable on my dads computer
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    7750 is the best you can do without an overhaul, it should be almost 2x as fast as the 9600GT. GT640 is not an upgrade from the 9600 GT and I don't think you have enough power supply to run a GTX 650.

    If you picked up like a used E8200 on ebay (there are some for $35), you could almost double your CPU performance (check compatbility with MB), upgrading to 4GB RAM and then adding a 7750, you could probably play new games at like 1280x720 with medium-high quality.
  7. 7700 should be fine yar
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